Yogavatar 038: LIM BENG HEOH

LIM BENG HEOH (Yogavatar ID #1612-038) has successfully completed YOGAVATAR 200-HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING from 28 November to 23 December 2016 at Ispirit Asia MALAYSIA. In accordance with the standards of YOGA ALLIANCE. Certified on 23 December 2016. Find out more at



I love to exercise & I love to sweat! I have regular exercise hiking, badminton & jogging. But only Yoga can really go into my mind!

I remember the first time I met Yoga was in a fitness studio. At first, my intention is gym & exercise to release stress, coincidence I have a chance to try out Yoga class & I’m falling in love with YOGA!

Before that, I had frequently migraine due to work stress, every time after finish 1 hour yoga exercise, my headache was gone, my shoulder very relax, my whole body & my mind feeling so fresh! The speed of healing was amazing! I was curious & wanted to know Why Yoga can be so powerful.”

By completing 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course at Yogavatar New Age Yoga School, Sheena is now a certified yoga teacher. Through yoga, Sheena can better understand her inner-self, mindfulness in her future life and love herself. Her intention is to inspire & transform yoga as Love means to share love and convey the way yoga can be applied in everyday life, to be aware of the breath, body and mind.

Sheena’s yoga always no forcing and enjoying your breathing in each Asana Pose. Sheena always believe Yoga is a mindfulness practice, can help correct basic limitation of the mind by improving self awareness, self control & self esteem. With the intention has kept motivating her to grow and transform in her own pace. Hence, Sheena wishes to share the knowledge and her love and experience in yoga with others and inspire them to grow and transform in their own unique path too.

-Namaste –

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