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Be empowered to make lasting changes—physically and mentally. Whether you want to move toward greater health yourself, or are a teacher wanting to empower your students, this courses are designed to enlighten, inspire, and improve your everyday life. Start now!

Online Course: Yoga Anatomy Of Breathing

What yoga practitioners should know about the anatomy of breathing. In this groundbreaking 5 hours online course with renowned Physiotherapist ...
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Online Course: Yoga Anatomy For Sciatica

Learn a comprehensive approach to minimizing Sciatica pain with the Physiotherapist & Yoga Anatomy teacher Michelle Lam. With the comfort ...
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Online Course: Yoga Anatomy For Scoliosis

Join expert teachers in yoga anatomy and physiotherapy and take classes that explore the cause of Scoliosis, its characteristics, myths ...
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Online Course: Fundamental of Human Anatomy & Physiology

Learn the foundations of human anatomy by understanding the major organ systems, their functions and relationships within the body. You ...
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