When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about! We’ve become more CONNECTED to the world around us via computer, phones and other electric devices, we’ve become DISCONNECTED from the most powerful, most rejuvenating energy source on earth: the earth itself. Re-balance natural energies, Rediscover true life, RE-CONNECT you to the earth. Let’s go escape from the urban life, join our ISPIRIT RETREATS event. Find out more about retreat events date and progress towards a stronger and calmer you.


Deepen Your Practice ISPIRIT workshop is more than just classes. We frequently host yoga and fitness workshops with the talented yoga teachers and fitness instructors from around the world. Many of these guest teachers have earned their esteemed titles and gained worldwide following because of their inspiring attitudes towards yoga, fitness, life and love. Their diverse traditions and teaching styles enrich our community on every level of learning by instilling joy into our practice. Find out more about the events date and progress towards a stronger and calmer you.


Embrace and Maintain Active Healthy Lifestyles! In a workplace, the success of your team depends on the performance of its members. That’s why you should encourage yours to set up a recurring meeting in yoga and fitness classes. Yoga or fitness practice may boost your team’s well-being and productivity, relieve workplace stress, and could reduce your health care expenses. That’s why ISPIRIT is proud to offer your entire company discounts for both our in-studio and on-site classes. We offer doorstep yoga class in your office, fitness class in your office! Help to make your employees happier and healthier both in the office and off the office.