About Us


ISPIRIT is a new age Yoga & Fitness organization, organizing classes, workshops, trainings, retreats, community events to promote a healthy lifestyle. Spreading love to the world through yoga and fitness. Where there is existence of ISPIRIT there is love!

ISPIRIT~ The Spirit of Love

ISPIRIT is immensely influence on the aspects of love. In Chinese pronunciation “i” is define as love, therefore ISPIRIT means the Spirit of Love

Spreading The Spirit Of Love To The World

We are on a mission to create a harmony world! This doesn’t mean we have to change the whole world, but we believe global sustainability starts with our own health and wellbeing, therefore we are helping people fall in love with yoga and fitness to enhance the experience of life by building a sense of love to create a harmony world.

Where There Is Existence Of ISPIRIT There Is Love

Find ISPIRIT anywhere you happen to be. From home to office, sea to mountain, earth to sky, desert to forest, volcano to iceberg, earth core to universe, moon to sun, from our heart to your body, mind and spirit. With our seed of Love, spread to every corner of the world. Where there is existence of ISPIRIT there is Love.

The Journey Of Harmony World

Our founders R2 ThoHuiLee and iRyne Yogavatar were both serious and highly accomplished yoga and fitness practitioners who wanted to share the gifts they learned from their own wise teachers. In 2011, they started the first yoga and fitness retreat event in their home country Malaysia has has an overwhelming response which has inspired more people to fall in love with yoga and fitness. In year 2015 ISPIRIT established a yoga academy YOGAVATAR® provides yoga education. From the seed of love,  ISPIRIT has today inspired thousands of people!