2020.08.30 | Yoga Anatomy of Pregnancy | Online Workshop with Michelle Lam

Do you know there are many things that you can help a pregnant mother to prepare for her delivery? The whole process can be a lot smoother and labor could be more pleasant by simply preparing the mother’s body properly. A lot of complications can be avoided totally. What to learn more? Join this groundbreaking 5 hours online course with renowned Physiotherapist and Yoga Anatomy Trainer Michelle Lam, you will explore the physiology of pregnancy and more.

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Yogavatar® Zen

Yogavatar® Zen is a yoga practice for relaxing, repairing and rejuvenating both your body and mind. The practice will begin with gentle movements to release physical and mental tension, progressing into long hold resting poses. Variety of breathing and meditation techniques will be offered to deepen your Zen experience.

Yogavatar® Glow

Yogavatar®️ Glow is a vigorous yoga practice focusing on stretching and strengthening while maintaining steadiness of the body and mind. The body movements can be slow and long hold, sometimes moves like the water flow. The breathing is deep and quality for a smooth energy flow. The main goal of this practice is to let your body and mind Glow!