Event Class

Yoga and Fitness Class In A Special Event Or A Business Conference

  • We offer 15 minutes short yoga stretch or a fitness warm up session for your event! If you prefer to let your participant to have a great workout during your conference, we can provide 60 minutes workout class! We offer several different Class Types.
  • At conferences, business meetings, retreats & special events. Make your next conference a success!
  • Conference Yoga and Fitness Class reduces stress, increases energy and blood flow to the brain and muscles, improves memory retention, productivity and efficiency, builds teamwork and much more.
  • By helping conference participants focus on their breath and posture, they will be able to concentrate more effectively on the material being presented. They will absorb more information and come together as a team should to accomplish more in a short amount of time.
  • Plus, it’s a fun and enjoyable way for people to remember your next event! We will help you determine your needs and plan your event.

This 15-60 minute yoga and fitness solution is extremely effective at helping event participants to recharge their batteries for the remainder of the day, or deeply release stress at the end of the day, leading to a more productive workplace and healthier, happier people.

One of our certified yoga teachers or fitness instructor will lead participants through a series of both standing and seated yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques, right at their desks. Conference class is perfect for absolute beginners, experienced yogis and everyone in between.

Rates for Conference Event Class (Unlimited Participants)

15-minute Yoga Class MYR300
15-minute Fitness Class MYR300
30-minute Yoga Class MYR400
30-minute Fitness Class MYR400
45-minute Yoga Class MYR500
45-minute Fitness Class MYR500
60-minute Yoga Class MYR600
60-minute Fitness Class MYR600

Other classes and sessions may be available. >>> CONTACT US to discuss your needs!