Yogavatar 006: IRENE YU MEE KIN

IRENE YU MEE KIN (Yogavatar ID# 1512-006)IRENE YU MEE KIN (Yogavatar ID# 1512-006) has successfully completed YOGAVATAR 200-HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING from 23 November to 19 December 2015 in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA. In accordance with the standards of YOGA ALLIANCE. Certified on 19 December 2015. Find out more at


After became a mother of 3 kids , my life has changed. It’s getting more challenge to me , to look after the kids from the early stage when they were in my belly. They will grow in different stages of a human life as you and me , me and you are the same. “We are together”.

I was a business owner for a restaurant for almost eight years. Own a restaurant is not an easy task. These are the common problems i faced – customer service , management , hiring and training staff , capital. I don’t know what does life means to me. Everyday work from 6am to 9pm / 10pm , 365 days restaurant is open ; except the 1st day of Chinese New Year.

Slowly , i discovered that i have lost myself. I found that i really need something for myself. Something that can bring back my own soul and nature. Nature is already complete and inner balance is the key to unlocking the natural healing.

I strongly believe that through body motion , i am exploring the deeper realms of nature’s creative energy. In this world of changes and transformations , our ability to connect deeply with ourselves will shape our sense of harmony with our surrounding.

Finally , i started to do YOGA from Sept 2014 in celebrity fitness and other yoga studios.

I studied with many yoga instructors like Iryne , Nic , Jason IC , Matthew , Ai Ting ,etc. He/she leads a heart – opening , alignment – based , breath – focused in classes like flow , asana , hatha , vinyasa , ashtanga and iyengar. They really deep love of movement , “ the practice “ , flow with the practice of yoga.

Then , i went to 200 – Hour Yoga Teacher Training. After i graduate from this course , I realized that yoga is not only asana. It’s a combination of asana , meditation and pranayama to explore the “ spiritual “ through the “ physical “ , not material. On top of that , yoga is a way to focus within , expand our awareness , bringing increased reaponsibility to live in alignment with men and women. We came here to be “ Peace “. Simply turn your awareness inward. “ let me be strong “ – able to harness an inner strength i didn’t even realize was within me. It’s an amazing feeling to go deeper into a pose than you even knew possible.

Now is the time to share “ OM “ to the world. For me , learning is a knowledge through experience , study or by being taught. Find and face the challenge on the mat , so that we may live our life effortlessly. Practisimg the power of now.

With the aim of improving interpersonal relations and common – unity , i do variety of poses and conscious sequencing to build strength , flexibility and balance through stability , as well as provide the space to discover the truth in transition. And , the sense of lightness you’re looking for in your practice. Also , hands – on adjustments help you to access and awaken the life force in dormant areas of the body. You will leave the class feeling enlivened and renewed.