26 March 2017 @Malaysia: 善Sunshine Workout (Free Yoga免费瑜伽) with R2 Tho & iRyne Yogavatar

Sunshine Workout Free Yoga KKBJoin 善Sunshine Workout (Free Yoga免费瑜伽) with R2 Tho & iRyne Yogavatar on 26 March 2017, at Taman Millenium, Kuala Kubu Bharu Malaysia. Special brought to you by iSpirit Asia with the mission of spreading love of Yoga & Fitness. The session will be led by Yogavatar New Age Yoga team, it is designed to be refreshing to increase physical and mental wellbeing. It’s FREE!!! All are welcome to join!!! Welcome beginners!!! 公开给所有人免费参加!欢迎初学者!


  • 主题Title: 善Sunshine Workout (Free Yoga免费瑜伽) with R2 Tho & iRyne Yogavatar
  • 日期Date: 26/3/2017 星期日Sunday
  • 时间Time: 7:45am ~ 8:45am
  • 地点Venue: Taman Millenium Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor, Malaysia (View Map)
  • 主办Organizer: www.iSpirit.asia (ISPIRIT 爱心传人)
  • 支持Support: Yogavatar New Age Yoga (YOGAVATAR 瑜伽达人)
  • 询问Inquiries email: iSpirit.asia@gmail.com
  • 询问Inquires contact: +6011 1184 4184 (call only) or +6012 3037022 (call and whatsapp)


  • 类别Event Category: 公益瑜伽 Community Yoga
  • 语言Language: 中英文 Chinese and English
  • 教练Teachers: R2 Tho Hui Lee & iRyne Yogavatar
  • 时长Duration: 一小时 1 hour
  • 阶级Level: 初级(老少咸宜) Foundation Level (Suitable for everybody)
We collaborate with local Coaches in communities across the country who view the Sunshine Workout as a vehicle for people to find true peace and connection in their lives. We come together to share our authentic colour of love for yoga and fitness for healthy living to inspire everyone to live their most extraordinary life.
宗旨OBJECTIVE: 散播瑜伽与健身的爱,一起响应健康生活。Spreading YOGA LOVE to the community. Inspire everyone to live in their most extraordinary life.

携带WHAT TO BRING: 请带你关心的亲戚朋友一起来,自备瑜伽垫,毛巾,水瓶。Come with friends and equipped with a yoga mat, a towel for sweat, some water and a smile. Show your support in keeping the yoga session on going.

承若WE PROMISED: 不管天晴或雨天,我们不见不散。No matter what weather, sunshine or rainfall, we will be there always! See you with a big smile soon !


Taman Millenium Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor, Malaysia (View Map)

[box]关于教练 ABOUT THE TEACHERS[/box]

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R2 ThoHuiLee

creative . energetic . harmony
(founder of www.ispirit.asia / co-founder of Yogavatar New Age Yoga)

R2 Tho Hui Lee is the founder of www.ispirit.asia and the co-founder of YOGAVATAR New Age Yoga. R2 started the journey of spreading love of Yoga and Fitness by teaching classes at her home country Malaysia since 2006. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance at E-RYT500 advanced level where her certification from Thailand and India. She is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider YACEP. She is also a certified Group Fitness Instructor of various programs from Lesmills International, and a Reiki Healer at Master Degree level from India. Her passion in teaching has spread to Malaysia, Thailand, India and Maldives. Apart from the passion of teaching, R2 founded www.ispirit.asia in 2011. iSpirit is a new age Yoga & Fitness organization that promotes healthy lifestyle by organizing Yoga & Fitness activities to the communities such as retreats, workshops, trainings, community give back events and share the authentic colour of love for Yoga & Fitness to inspire people to live their most extraordinary life. Where there is existence of iSpirit there is love. R2’s creative mind, energetic body and harmony spirit radiate through her life in all aspects. As a teacher, a designer or a practitioner, she doesn’t differentiate between teaching, sharing and learning. She believes in the energy of passion, when passion meets passion, it makes the best medicine.

R2 Tho Hui Lee 原名杜慧莉,www.ispirit.asia 的创始人, Yogavatar 瑜伽达人新时代瑜伽学院的联合创办人。她教学健身及传播瑜伽爱心的旅程始于2006年于她的的祖国马来西亚。 R2是一名瑜伽联盟E-RYT500高级认证的注册资深瑜伽教师,也是YACEP。她多度远赴泰国和印度接受瑜伽师训课程,她也在印度修学灵气自然疗法课程而成为灵气治疗师。除此之外,她也是一名Lesmills国际认证的健身教师 。 R2热衷于教学,她的热诚除了散播于马来西亚以外,它也已经蔓延至泰国、印度和马尔代夫。 除了教学, 在2011年R2建立www.ispirit.asia。ISPIRIT是一个新的时代瑜伽和健身组织,其宗旨是促进健康的生活方式。通过主办瑜伽和健身活动,如社区的务虚会、讲习班、培训班、社区回馈活动,以激励人们活出多姿多采的健康生活。 在哪有ISPIRIT的存在,那里就有爱。从R2生的活各个方面,不难发现她充满创意的思维,充满活力的身体以及和谐的精神。作为一名健身与瑜伽教练,专业设计师或一名终生学者,她从不分教学与学习之间的区别。她认为做自己兴趣的事是最幸福的事。


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The New-Age Yogini
(Founder of Yogavatar New Age Yoga/ Co-founder of www.ispirit.asia)

iRyne Yogavatar is a new age yogini, the founder of YOGAVATAR New Age Yoga and co-founder of www.ispirit.asia. Yoga has been her central focus of life since 2004 and teaching since 2011. She is an International Yoga Instructor registered with the Ministry of Education Malaysia and also a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance at E-RYT500 advanced level, where her certification from Malaysia, Thailand and India. She is also a registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider YACEP. 

For the past few years she has started to make a more organised and conscious choice to share all the aspects of her practices and hoped to encourage a mindful practice and cultivating self-love. All of these have inspired her to take another wonderful level of nurturing and transforming yoga practitioners, where she is the lead trainer for Yogavatar Yoga Teacher Training Course. She is passionate and in the mission of spreading the love of yoga though the elements of YOGAVATAR – Explore the Boundaries, Learn Abundantly, Ignite the Practice, Be Inspired and Transform and Share Unconditionally.

iRyne’s style of teaching is based on New Age Yoga which draws experience and knowledge from Hatha yoga; that integrates with the courage of creative energy that sculpt yoga poses artistically and allow you to experience a different range of sensations in the body and mind. It paves the connection in heightening your true nature to connect that universal creative force resides in you and significantly build high spirits. Yoga practitioners benefit through her attention of details of proper alignment and modifications are recommended in accordance to practitioners’ experience, energy and prowess. Her goal is to guide her practitioners in the awakening of their own potential that brings peaceful yoga energy into her practitioners’ life on and off the mat.

iRyne Yogavatar原名黄柔玲是一个新时代瑜伽老师,YOGAVATAR瑜伽达人学院创始人,以及www.ispirit.asia的联合创办人。自2004年以来瑜伽一直是她生活的中心焦点,瑜伽就是她的生命。她拥有马来西亚教育部注册的国际瑜伽教练文凭,也是一个瑜伽联盟注册E-RYT500以及YACEP的资深瑜伽老师, 她曾经参与马来西亚的瑜伽师资课程,后来还远赴泰国以及印度参与高级师资课程。除了瑜伽,她也是各种健身项目的核证团体健身教练。在iRyne的课堂中,她常运用智慧与慈悲的教学技巧,带给学生直接而流畅的练习。iRyne的课堂大多渗透哈达瑜伽的风格,结合 Yogavatar独有的元素以及宇宙的能量,充满挑战性又富有逻辑性的编排方式,更是iRyne的独特教学风格,领导学员达到身,心,灵,平衡境界。从iRyne的课堂里,学员们能感受到他的关怀、慈悲和用心的教学态度。充满正能量、创意,都是大多学员对她的深刻印象。她无私的爱不断从她的教学中传授予大众,她希望每一个人能从瑜伽中找到真正的快乐和真谛。[/box]