Testimonial for Yogavatar


I am confident that I have chosen the best school for my yoga teacher training. The teachers are passionate and very supportive, not forgetting very professional. Would recommend Yogavatar for everybody who wants to take their YTT! ~By Aisyah Nazreen 

Highly recommending Yogavatar Yoga Teacher Training! It is definitely the best avenue for anyone who wished to deepen their theoretical knowledge and technical skills. Both the instructors (IRyne & R2) are passionate, enthusiastic, caring and selfless in sharing their knowledge and guidance. Honoured to be a Yogavatar graduate! ~By Ooi Wei Xin

Enrolling into Yogavatar 200 hour TTC was definitely the best choice that I’ve ever made. I’ve gained so much from the 10 weekends course, having better understanding of what is yoga and feeling inspired and confident after completion. They also offer flexible learning via physical class, online in real time and recorded video, which is also a plus point for me. I could see the effort, love and unconditional sharing of both teachers put into their teachings laying out foundations and necessary knowledge for our yoga practice and ready for future teaching journey. I am so grateful to them and most definitely recommend this course to whoever wanting to pursue teaching in yoga or simply deepening their yoga practice. ~By: Anne Wong

I truly recommend YOGAVATAR® 200-hour yoga teacher training programme to anyone who wish to kick-start their journey of becoming a yoga teacher. Thanks to the dedicated teaching and support from my instructors iRyne and R2, the programme has been a transformative one. I was a person with much self-doubt and did not intend to teach yoga initially. Nevertheless, I have gradually gained my confidence through the training programme by discovering that I am able to do some yoga poses that were challenging at first with correct techniques and consistent practices as well as learn more about yoga where the scope is beyond asana practices. Now, I am becoming a more resilient and courageous person to go out and share yoga practices in a correct and safe way with others. The things that I am really appreciate for are the video recordings, detailed manual and resources provided by YOGAVATAR® that serve as a life-long guidance for my yoga practice improvement and also yoga teaching after the training programme ended. In short, I am very satisfied with the service provided by YOGAVATAR® in which the value is worth way more than its cost. ~By: Rhea Teoh Zing Yeat 

Highly recommend this school for YTTC. Teachers are helpful, very well in depth with yoga knowledge and covers everything a student should know. Easy to understand and great teaching vibe and environment. ~By: Siew Jean 

Highly recommended! ~By: Hannah Tay 

experienced teachers who may explained and pin pointed the clues well especially the safety parts. well arranged the syllabus and timetable which made the course sails smoothly. most important the teachers are reachable to share and guide with their loving kindness leaded me well completed the TTC. ~By: LEONG CHEE CHEUN

I really love the learning experience of the course. The teacher’s team is caring and professional. ~By: SUEZE 

Yogavatar teachers, iRyne and R2 has shown authenticity of their personality, true passion in teaching and inspiring their students. The energy and positivity they brought into the teaching room could be felt with much empowerment. The 200hours journey concluded with an amazing satisfaction where I find clear path to present self, confidence and strength to the body and mind. The transformational training has thought insightful knowledge, techniques, experiences, professionalism, love and the desire to share to others through yoga. ~By: Suzanne Chai

It is so great and happy to graduate under YOGAVATAR® teacher training program. Thank you my masters! ~By: Tai Chin Wee

I’m happy and blessed that I have chosen the right yoga teacher training course. with YOGAVATAR. Iryne and R2 both are passionated and dedicated yoga teacher s. I have learned a lot from them during this 200hrs yoga teacher training. I am strongly recommend to those who are interested in yoga teacher training. ~By: Emily Thian

I would recommend Yogavatar to someone wishing to learn yoga. iRyne and R2 personalities work well to impart knowledge. ~By: Michelle Morris 

Training Program held on Feb 29, 2020—May 03, 2020 ~By: Marie-Josée Talbot-Provost

Overall is excellent.I gain a lot new knowledge and skills from school. ~By: Mindy Lim Guat Hong (Malaysia)

Training Program held on Aug 12, 2019—Sep 06, 2019 ~By: hog choo lim (UK)

When I decided to take this course, it wasn’t about going to teach but to understand myself more. But both lead teachers Iryne & R2 has inspired me so much throughout the 200hrs TTC, and all I wanna do now is to explore & inspire. No words can describe how thankful I am to both of them. I’ve found my mission, my journey. ~Jessie Zee (Malaysia)

iRyne and R2 are amazing instructors and a dynamic pair. I loved that the course offered a deep understanding of 3 styles of yoga: classical hatha, vinyasa flow, and restorative yin. After talking to other yogis about their teacher training, I think this is a very thorough course that has made me confident in all 8 limbs of yoga – not just asana. ~Vanessa Jane Weber (USA)

An excellent Yoga School with extremely dedicated teachers who teaches and guides you to master the proper techniques which lays a strong foundation for any yoga student. The teachers are a living example which reflects the beauty of Yoga- Aum ~Navintee Devi

I think I’ve made the right choice by completing my 200 hours in Yogavatar. Regardless history, fundamentals or Asana practices, we have been given sufficient time to explore and study. The program has successfully built a very strong fundamentals for students to be able to learn, teach and share yoga with others. ~Emily Lee (Malaysia)

I’ve truly loved and enjoyed 10 weeks TTC with Yogavatar. Excellent yoga school; dedicated yoga teacher, unconditional love and sharing; a group of amazing coursemates, the beautiful souls. With this program, I got a deep understanding of yoga, which is not only about asana. Sharpen the skills, be confident to spread the love of yoga to the world! Namaste. ~Eleven Lee (Malaysia)

An unforgotten training experience! I came all the way from Egypt to Malaysia, especially for this beautiful school. My friends told me I am crazy, everyone goes to India to their YTT. But I did like the idea of following everyone. I kept coming back to this school every time I browse schools in the directory, I loved the idea of two beautiful women, founded Yoga school and run it by themselves. it’s not common, most yoga schools -like all businesses- are dominated and managed by men. Part of me wanted to support these women, and contribute to their success. They are an inspiration to me and other women. I wanted three simple things: a school that is not crowded with students so that I can get the best learning, one that I can afford, and one that feels right in my heart. YOGAVATAR was everything I wanted and much more. YOGAVATAR goes beyond it ways to provide the perfect learning experience to its students. We covered thoroughly all the aspects of Yoga, from Asana, Pranayama, through anatomy, and to philosophy and teaching techniques. Our teachers were there for us with every Asana we learn or struggle with. Every breathing exercise or teaching technique we practiced was carefully observed and we got instant feedback on everything we did. The patch was in perfect size. We were able to communicate all the time, be assisted whenever help is needed, and receive the training in a perfect environment. Our teachers provided the best care possible in the class and beyond. They looked after our aches, our emotional distress, and provided us with unseen kindness and guidance all the way every day. This beautiful school is about learning and making a difference in other people’s life, it’s not about making huge profits. They offered us free help in marketing ourselves as teachers, providing the space for us whenever we need to practice or give a class, and invited us to come again for learning whenever we want. A truly open place, with wide open hearts. ~Sha Hafez  (Egypt)

I would highly recommend people to choose Yogavatar, in fact, I have already shared Yogavatar’s contact with two of my friends who are interested in undertaking the yoga TTC. I truly believe they have prepared me well for Yoga teacher jobs out there. The teachers are amazing, dedicated and friendly… The energy there, in Yoga teacher training school, is just so uplifting and inspiring. 11/10 stars to Yogavatar and I am forever grateful for the knowledge I have received and will honor that by learning more and continuing my yogic endeavors to deepen my understanding of yoga in the future. ~Cosette Hoe  (Malaysia)

YOGAVATAR teacher training program is such amazing and full of fun. During the program, I learn, explore, practice, transform with unexpected and deeply from my bottom of heart, both trainers are very experience and knowledgeable. They are so kind to share everything unconditionally. This program help me to develop a well balance practice which connect to mind, body, soul and spirit. I will come back again to join their workshop, training and retreats and I’m starting to share and spread Yoga Love to everyone with OM! Thanks again to Ispirit Asia/Yogavatar. ~Kelly Hew (Malaysia)

Had a great experience in YOGAVATAR with all the teachers and classmates. We all shared each other experience and skill together and also teachers are very caring and passionate which I really appreciated very much. Will definitely recommend to those who really interested in yoga teaching course in the future. ~Cheryl Cherng Xue Rou (Malaysia)

Highly recommended YogAvatar! The course was absolutely a wonderful learning experience and very useful for my yoga practice. All the teachers especially Iryne and RTwo are very understanding and helpful. I would come back in future to learn more from YogAvatar. Thank you once again for the amazing experiences. ~Toh Sheau Huey (Malaysia)

I have enjoyed every moment of this 200hours course, gratefully met this bunch of fantastic people. It was superb to met each of everyone in this course , especially our amazing teachers who are passionate about what they are doing.Such a precious and revealing experience. ~Yuen Hau, Then (Malaysia)

I had wonderful experience in Yogavatar teacher training program. All trainers are great and giving without holding back, shared their experience and knowledge with all of us. The learning environment is safe and I am comfortable in being who I am expressing without fearing of judgement. I’ve gained more than what I’ve expected. Would definitely choose to come back to learn and practice together with them anytime in the future. ~ Lee Jia Urn (Malaysia)

Instead of yoga, I also learned the virtues of modesty on them ~Lee Yee Min (Alice) Malaysia

During the 200 hours Yoga course, i have learnt not only on physical movements (asanas) but also have a deeper understanding of myself, mentally and physically improved. Loved and enjoyed this training course very much. ~KAT CHANG KUM LIN (Malaysia)

This training is well planned and structured. Great teachers and course subjects, at the end of the training, trainees gained a better understanding in their yoga practices and are more confident whether in their own practice or sharing the love of Yoga to the public. ~Nicole Lee  (Malaysia)

I am so lucky to have found Yoga Avatar! Everything is perfect there; course structure, contents, teachers attitudes to students and most importantly, their passion to Yoga!! ~Michelle Lam (Hong Kong)

I appreciate the time and attention Iryne and R2 have given to student needs and acknowledging each student’s various levels in their learning. Their love for yoga is clearly visible as they both often share yoga knowledge selflessly during and after classes. 🙂 ~Love, Mei Mei Tan (Malaysia)

It is most probably the wisest and rightest decision that I’ve made in my life so far! I enrolled the course with minimal expectations but it ended with fruitful outcome that comprised of inspirations, positive vibes, caring, guidance, love, knowledge & skills which were beyond the descriptions of words. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the humble yet experienced trainers, Iryne, R2, Nick & Jeremy who had been paying so much effort & patience in guiding us along the journey. Throughout the training, not only the physical transformation, but also I noticed it had somehow changed how I felt and viewed the world internally. It is like a journey of self discovery, you would be able understand more about your mind and your body, on and off the mat. I will highly recommend YOGAVATAR to those who are aspiring to be a teacher or with the aim to deepen their yoga knowledge and skills. You will definitely discover the difference in yourself. ~Love, Felice Puah (Malaysia)

YOGAVATAR Teacher-Training program are comprehensive and the most transparent yoga teacher training around Asia. The modules are well laid-out, planned and communicated, there are no hidden surprises. Very experienced and technically sound trainers that will help you break your barriers and go to the next level. Manuals and notes are included in the program for reference. ~Love, Mariana Jezequel (Malaysia)

I’m glad that I join Yogavatar TTC. From the training, my asana and the knowledge of yoga had been improve a lot. It also helps a lot in my daily life and teaching. The teachers are very knowledgeable,kind, lovely and friendly, love them so much and appreciate for the guide. Namaste. ~Love, Jo’liv Kok (Malaysia)

Yogavatar School is not merely a center for acquiring skills in theoretical of yoga history, anatomical & physiological, technical of training & practice asanas, and teaching methodology but also as a warmth and lovely yogavatar family to learn the yogi knowledge in daily interaction with skillful facilitators. The Yogavatar Teacher Training with Iryne Yogavatar is subtle and powerful.  Iryne Yogavatar is cheerful to get students to the asanas step by step. Iryne Yogavatar is equipped with anatomical knowledge and warm heart. From the New Age Yoga, I’m found the energetic operations for support my life and bring harmony to the physical, mental and spiritual. R2 is a lovely and passionate facilitator. She always be ready beside us for any help during in the TTC. This whole journey, I’m really enjoyed and has an unforgettable experience and I am deeply express my gratitude to practice with Iryne Yogavatar & R2. I’d earned a lovely, unforgettable and sweetest memories, deep knowledgeable & energisation moment created in 28th Nov – 23rd Dec 2016 with a group of yogavatar and kindness & lovely yogavatar facilitators with Iryne Yogavatar, R2 Tho, Nick Heng and Jeremy Ng at ispirit Asia. I would to share my friends and families to practise yoga to gain good in health and peace of mind. I’m really gratefully and thankful again to Iryne Yogavatar and R2 who always spreading love of Yoga for me and others yogavatar. ~Love, Carmen Yogavatar (Malaysia)

The connection in between Body, Mind & Soul! that I learn during this TTC did transform me into a new person in practicing yoga and ways of thinking. The 10 weekend class was really really awesome. I learnt many things from here, it completely changed my life. Mainly the people around me was very encouraging and cheerful. It taught me how to better handle things in life. Each day was a different experience for me. Mind & soul came in to coordination, which helped me to bring my body in control. Teacher over here was very helpful, especially R2 and Irene. Never to forget Nick Heng and Jeremy for sharing yoga philosophy and anatomy knowledge. This 200hrs has changed me out to become a yogi practitioner and a good learner. Knowing that these lessons will help me in my life to practice as a person to continue sharing yoga with surrounded people. Thank you Yogavatar school. ~Love, Eugene Tan (Malaysia)

Yogavatar TTC is truely an amazing journey! Here, we were taught not just to be a qualify yoga teacher,but also to be a better person in life. Trainers are very knowledgeable yet humble, always guide us with lots of love and patience. This is the place where our TTC start from total stranger to a lovely yogi family. ~Love, Gavin Ng (Malaysia)

Yogavatar TTC offers in depth yoga practice throughout the training period. The program not only prepared us to be a professional yoga instructor, but also inspired me to continue my practice and be a life long student. I definitely enjoyed my learning experiences with IRyne and R2. ~Love, An Zi (Malaysia)

I totally made the perfect choice to pursue my TTC in Yogavatar. It has the perfect syllabus to learn. Perfect ambiance to be there for 200 hours. Perfect teachers to teach. They never fail to make me push myself further in learning yoga. They made me go extra miles with their commitment in teaching yoga. They built my confidence to be out there and start teaching yoga. Yogavatar has all the qualities that i need to be a unique and outstanding yoga teacher. I highly recommend Yogavatar for everyone who wants to take up TTC. The school rocks! ~Love,Wadie Sumanteri (Malaysia)

The TTC I attended was simply amazing, thanks to the two primary instructors, Iryne and R2 who were extremely nurturing, supportive and inspiring throughout the entire duration. Getting up in mornings was definitely a challenge but in return, I felt enhanced strength, renewed confidence and flatter abs after the training! The curriculum and text book were meticulously designed, spanning traditional yoga right through to new age yoga, which involved a skill in creative sequencing. It catered to new yoginis like me and allowed me to deepen my practice and enabled the magic of yoga to continue after the course, not forgetting the encouragement from my fellow yogini classmates! ~Love, Erin Lim (Malaysia)
I am ever thankful that Yogavatar changed my life and allowed me to meet wonderful yogis and life long friend. The month I spent at Yogavatar school obtaining my 200 hour YTTC was truly transformative experience. ~Love, chiasiuyong (Malaysia)
I have learn a lot of thing from Teacher Irene and R2. I like the way their teaching. Thank you so much. Nameste. ~Love, Wendy Lau Wang Enk  (Malaysia)
Dearest R2 & iRyne, thank you so much for everything in this past 4 weeks. Amazing journey! I am grateful and thankful to both of you, initiated this move with courage & dreams. Both of you did so well & informative, this is my best training ever. In this course, I learnt so much from all the trainers, especially both of you. In knowledge wise, philosophy wise & technical wise, all covered. Beside that, inwardly in my character changed and personal growth, I benefited a lot too. I think because of how 4 of you, the trainers constantly encourage and inspired us to try our best, the encouragements and assurances mean a lot to me as a newbie in yoga. You also traveled the extra miles, beside the teachers and students relationship, we felt sincere love from all 4 of you. This important element had helped us to love the rest of the people in the class despite the differences. In this period of time, I don’t only learn to teach I also learnt to love myself and other people better. I will never forget this in the module, “where there is existence of iSpirit there is love”. I think this is much more meaningful than many things else in the world. Personally, yoga and I was never a friend, first encounter was in 2006 and that’s all. Until 2014 first class with R2, is un-intentionally and blindly enter her class, this is only yoga and I begin our journey. Finally yoga and I are united, thanks a lot to both of you for this beautiful journey. Continue make the world of 2 of you a better place. Keep up the good work, look forward to see more from both of your facebook. Will always pray for both of you cheer! ~ Love, JOANNE LIM (Malaysia)
Dearest iRyne Yogavatar & R2, I am grateful to be part of this Yogavatar 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. “Ahta” (now), I made it here on the last day of training. This course had deepen my knowledge on yoga. Throughout all the practices, I did become more equipped with the yoga postures and skills. I truly believe this wil not be the end of my yoga journey and yet is another step closer to my dream. I would like to take this opportunity to send my greatest love and appreciation to both my awesome & loving teachers. I wish you both knew that how amazing it was to see all the beautiful photos taken by both and posted in FB. The extra initiatives taken by both of you did empower me and kept me strong throughout the course. Keep up the passion & I sincerely hope this program will continue to be a success in the future by inspiring more people to love, learn and never forget to share it on and on. Thank you very much for your patience and guidance. ~ Namaste, YOGAVATAR LI PING (Malaysia)
A BIG THANK YOU to our Guruji iRyne and R2. Thank you for sharing with us your yoga knowledge to us. Very appreciate. To me, having attending the TTC with Yogavatar New Age Yoga School is a very good experience after leaving my academy school for decades… The feeling of being a student brings back good memories of my life. Apart from this, I am walking with my spine straight and proud as being part of you. Thanks to you for your kind hearted sharing all the knowledge of yoga unselfishly. With this TTC, I am feeling wonderfully great as it adds colour to my page of life. Thank you. ~ With love: GEE THIEN (Malaysia)
Dear iRyne & R2, first of all, congrats to both of you for organizing the first Yoga TTC with a short period of preparation time. I appreciate for all the arrangement on timetables, photo shooting, and technique teaching to make us feel comfortable as possible within a month time. The modules workbook is very comprehensive and useful to enhance our knowledge in teaching. Thanks for everything and see you again in your studio next time. Proud to be a member of Yogavatar! ~ Best regads, Sheryl Teo (Malaysia)

[hr]Hey iRyne & R2. Wow… 4 weeks have gone by really fast and I have enjoyed every single part of it. Thank you for taking both of your time and effort to make this course successful. We know it’s hard, because just to create one yoga sequence is tough enough for me…. “claps” to both of you. I’ve leant a lot from both of you and you have inspired me to teach and share as well. PS never thought of being a teacher >.~ Love, ERJUN (Malaysia)

To dearest iRyne & R2, you’re the “Heart” and “Soul” of the team. I sincerely appreciate and thank you for your friendship, guidance, commitment and innovation. It takes great sacrifice and character to achieve such great progress each day in the class. You are an amazing persons true an inspiration, with most sincere gratitude for all you have done so much, so much more than words could ever express. It makes what is an excellent in others belong to us as well. YOU ARE THE BEST ~ Love, Sharon Ong (Malaysia)

Dear iRyne & R2, thank you so much for all your selfless sharing. It has been a killer (read ‘gila’) 4 weeks but I enjoyed (and feared) every minutes of it. Will cherish the memories!! And thank you for having faith in me. Continue sharing the love and blessings. ~FLORENCE (Malaysia)

Teacher iRyne & Rtwo. The most sincere and heart-felt “Thank You” to the teachers who provided we all with support, guidance and precious life lessons. Your students will always keep you in their hearts! ~ FERN (Malaysia)

Thank you iRyne & R2 for your energy and all the giving & sharing during these for weeks. It was very good experience for me. Like I say “one month of learning but a lifetime of practice”. ~ Namaste always, ELIZABETH (Malaysia)

iRyne & R2. Very grateful to both of you for introducing the 200 hour Yogavatar New Age Yoga Training. I have learned a new different journey, overcome all barriers, path and aims towards my yoga practice. Will cherished these moments filled with peace & love. Thank your very much for being such a wonderful mentors. Both of you are awesome. ~ Love, FIONA & DIANA LAI (Malaysia)

Hey R2 & iRyne. Thanks for the great learning experience. Was really tiring but all worth it. Had lots of fun and definitely learned a lot.To my surprise, I really like “Oh-Ming” now, so calming and relaxing. Om…. Thanks for the tips and all the awesome classes… Stay Awesome you both and thanks heaps. ~ xoxo ANNY SEE (Malaysia)

To my miss Tho & iRyne, this will be my new chapter of life. Thank you for bringing me in YOGA LIFE! This will benefits in the rest of my life. Thank you very much! ~ with love, LIT YANG 林立扬 (Malaysia)

Dear iRyne & R2. Both of you are very nice and great organization. I love both of you so much! I learn a lot from you. Both of you are my idols. Thanks for everything! The appreciation can’t describe by word. I am blessing to be the first batch student by your arrangement “organization”. Wish you happy always… Healthy always… A lot of good things come to you. ~ SHAN (Malaysia)

Dear iRyne & R2. Thank you for teaching and taking care of us “smart students” all this while 🙂 Your love is much appreciated. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ! Wish you happy always!! ~ AIDEN (Malaysia)

Thank you! 对不起,请原谅我。前往内心。谢谢你,我爱你。You and me, me and you are the same. ~ Peace, happy, love: IRENE YU (Malaysia)

iRyne & R2: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I (we) learn. ~ CHERRY & JX (Malaysia)

Love. Learn. Share. Thank you iRyne & R2 ~ Love, LIPING (Malaysia)