2017.07.23 | Sunrise New Age Flow With Carmen Wong | Free Yoga in Malaysia | 免费瑜伽

Join us for Sunrise New Age Flow With Carmen Wong | Free Yoga in Malaysia | 免费瑜伽 on 23 July 2017 at S2 City Park Seremban Malaysia. Special brought to you by iSpirit Asia with the mission of spreading Yoga & Fitness Love. The session will be led by Yogavatar New Age Yoga Certified Teacher, it is designed to be refreshing to increase physical and mental wellbeing. It’s FREE!!! All are welcome to join!!! Welcome beginners!!! 公开给所有人免费参加!欢迎初学者!

A Sunrise Carmen


  • 主题Title: Sunrise New Age Flow With Carmen Wong | Free Yoga in Malaysia | 免费瑜伽
  • 日期Date: 23/7/2017 星期日Sunday
  • 时间Time: 7:30am ~ 8:30am
  • 地点Venue: S2 City Park, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
  • 主办Organizer: Carmen Wong
  • 支持Support: www.iSpirit.asia (ISPIRIT 爱心传人)Yogavatar New Age Yoga (YOGAVATAR 瑜伽达人)
  • 询问Inquiries email: carmenyogavatar39@gmail.com
  • 询问Inquires contact: +6012 6562163 Carmen Wong (call and whatsapp)


  • 类别Event Category: 公益瑜伽 Community Yoga
  • 语言Language: 英语/华语/粤语/English/Mandarin/ Cantonese
  • 教师Teachers: Carmen Wong (Yogavatar Certified)
  • 时长Duration: 一小时 1 hour
  • 阶级Level: 初级(老少咸宜) Foundation Level (Suitable for everybody)
宗旨OBJECTIVE: 散播瑜伽与健身的爱,一起响应健康生活。Spreading YOGA LOVE to the community. Inspire everyone to live in their most extraordinary life.

携带WHAT TO BRING: 请带你关心的亲戚朋友一起来,自备瑜伽垫,毛巾,水瓶。Come with friends and equipped with a yoga mat, a towel for sweat, some water and a smile. Show your support in keeping the yoga session on going.

承诺WE PROMISED: 不管天晴或雨天,我们不见不散。No matter what weather, sunshine or rainfall, we will be there always! See you with a big smile soon !


A WONG KAR MEI copyWONG KAR MEI (CARMEN) (Yogavatar ID #1612-045) has successfully completed YOGAVATAR 200-HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING from 28 November to 23 December 2016 at Ispirit Asia MALAYSIA. In accordance with the standards of YOGA ALLIANCE. Certified on 23 December 2016. Find out more at www.YOGAVATAR.ispirit.asia


Carmen discovered yoga at just the right time in her life. Not only during a time when she needed it most, but when she was finally open and ready to explore the many benefits of the practice. She committed to practice regularity since age 17. In year 2016,  Carmen first met New Age Yoga with Iryne Yogavatar (Founder of New Age Yoga) and she had inspired by the sensible fusion between traditional Hatha and new age yoga with profound yoga mission where the expansion of the energy field and integrating with the entire universe flow to reach as a whole. Through continuing practice, she expanded her understanding and knowledge of yoga and has built up both of her inner strength and flexibility, awareness and fearless. She had later inspired her to turn her passion from a student into a teacher.

By completing her 200 hours Yogavatar Teacher Training course in year 2016, Carmen is now a certified yoga teacher. Yoga defined for Carmen is Myself (Yourself). Through yoga, Carmen can better understand her inner-self, mindfulness in her future life and love herself. Her intention is to “transpire” yoga as Love & Free means to share love and convey the way yoga can be applied in everyday life, to be aware of the  breath, body and mind. Carmen’s yoga always no forcing but relaxing and enjoying your breathing in each Asana Pose. With the intention has kept motivating her to grow and transform in her own pace. Hence, Carmen wishes to share the knowledge and her love and experience in yoga with others and inspire them to grow and transform in their own unique path too.


  • Serve people to realize the importance of yoga to maintain a sound body and a sound mind.
  • Use my in-depth knowledge and understanding of yoga in the field of yoga practice.
  • Yoga as a tool for relaxation and happiness for people in their daily life.
  • Yoga as a healthy life style.

Education & Training

  • Yogavatar 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training at iSpirit Asia, Malaysia (Dec 2016)
  • Bachelor of Education at University Tun Abdul Razak (Nov 2014)