2015.08.22-23 | Happy Spine Yoga Anatomy Workshop with Michelle Lam in Indonesia

Happy Series Yoga Anatomy Workshop in Jakarta. Brought to you by physiotherapist and Yoga Anatomy teacher, Michelle Lam. “Happy Spine” is the first in the series of Yoga Anatomy Workshop. Using practical examples and easy to understand approach, Michelle will reveal the anatomy of the spine and how these spinal structures can cause obstacles in asana practice. Asana modification /precautions specific to common spinal dysfunctions such as prolapsed discs, spondylolythesis, scoliosis will also be discussed. A must-attend course for all yoga teachers & all levels of practitioners. www.isipirit.asia

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  • Title: Happy Spine~ Yoga Anatomy Workshop with Michelle Lam @ Indonesia
  • Date: 22 & 23 August 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Venue: Powerswing Studio of Mind & Body. Jalan Gunawarman 67. Jakarta 12180, Indonesia
  • Inquiries email: ferna.tjhia@gmail.com / how2fly@powerswingjakarta.com
  • Inquires contact: +628128606528 (Ferna) or +62217264766 (PowerSwing)
  • Online Registration: www.iSpirit.asia/events


  • Event Category: Yoga Anatomy Workshop
  • Language: English
  • Presenter: Michelle Lam (physiotherapist and Yoga teacher Training’s Anatomy trainer)
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Level: Suitable for all levels, especially Yoga teachers
  • Field: Spine
  • Context: 30% lecture, 70% practical
  • Certification: Students will receive official certificate of attendance upon completion of the sessions. [hr]

Day 1 : 22 August 2015 (Saturday) 12:00pm-6:00pm

  • Introduction of the spine: anatomy of spine, different regions (namely cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal), special features of the different regions
  • Spine & asana: limitations encountered at specific spinal regions during asana practice, ways of overcoming such obstacles

Day 2: 22 August 2015 (Sunday) 10:00am-5:00pm

  • Common spinal dysfunction: prolapsed discs, spondylolythesis, scoliosis, will be introduced; causes, implications & precautions
  • Asana application: asana modification, poses to avoid, therapeutic Yoga asanas to the above conditions[/toggle]


  • 1 day Workshop Early Bird Price  USD$95 (ends 22 July 2015) Regular Price USD$115
  • 2 days Workshop Early Bird Price  USD$170 (ends 22 July 2015) Regular Price USD$190
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Payment Method

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  • Bank Transfer to FERNAWATI Account: 766 0231 328 Bank Central Asia (BCA)
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  • No refund or credit will be issued for cancellation starting 22 July 2015.
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p michelle lam yoga anatomy   A poster 3x2 anatomy michelle profileMichelle Lam (Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher Training’s Anatomy trainer) Michelle Lam is a registered Physiotherapist both in Hong Kong and Australia. She obtained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honors) in the University of Melbourne. Being a private Physiotherapist, specializing in sports rehabilitation for over ten years now, she has developed an amazing talent for giving her clients exactly what they need to recover faster and while teaching them how to avoid future injury. Her prowess in anatomical knowledge and refined understanding of movement extends itself to lectures for Yoga students learning to practice and teach Asana. Her extremely hands on approach makes her lectures easy to listen to and understand as you see the poses, see the muscle engage and relax, and see as your fellow students demonstrate.

What People Say About Michelle Lam

This year at a YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) during the week dedicated to the anatomy, I met Michelle Lam a physiotherapist truly exceptional, funny and friendly. Very professionally prepared she was able with her lessons,to explain us in details a subject so complex concerning anatomy. She used practical examples performed on us (especially to those who had particular problems, or had had them) making the arguments so much easier to understand. I hope and I suggest to invite again a so good teacher, in future courses, so to continue the study with her. With to you I have learned many interesting things about the secrets of our body. Thank you very much Michelle ! ~Paola Lucia Grechi[/quote] [quote]I met Michelle in my recent yoga teacher training in Vikasa. She was the anatomy teacher for the course. Michelle is very fun, lively and yet also firm in passing on her knowledge to her students. Her voice is the first thing that caught my attention. She spoke so clearly that her knowledge and expertise were passed on to me substantially. Her classes are also very lively with a lot of demonstration, participation, and guided interactions amongst students in order for us to deeply understand human anatomy as applied in yoga practice. At the same time, this promoted a closer bond between the students in the course. I felt so lucky to learn from Michelle. Her knowledge has brought significant awareness and changes in my practice as well as in my journey of teaching yoga. Thank you so much! Namaste 🙂 ~ Sam Hah[/quote] [quote] I have participated in two Yoga Teacher Trainings (200 hour and 500 hour) with Michelle instructing the anatomy curriculum. Although I have participated in other anatomy workshops, I am always impressed by the huge amount of knowledge Michelle imparts in the period of time that she is given. There is no padding to fill in time and all her information is communicated succinctly and clearly. Armed with marker pens and her sense of humour, she takes her students on a voyage of discovery with their own bodies and others. Being a physiotherapist and physical therapist, Michelle has the comprehensive knowledge regarding anatomical issues. She has the communication skills to relay the information in an accurate but entertaining way. She educates her students to look for anatomical concerns in themselves and their students and offers ways to assist in working with and/or remedying those concerns. If a student applies him/herself with full attention to Michelle’s classes, he/she will walk away with a very comprehensive understanding of simple and complex human anatomy and its application to yoga. I have also on a number of occasions attended Michelle’s clinic as a patient and sent students to her to address non-yoga related injuries. Her communication regarding her treatments has always been very clear and succinct. This has then assisted me in building an appropriate practice for those students. I am fortunate in my journey in yoga to have been taught by Michelle Lam. The knowledge she has imparted so succinctly has assisted me in teaching students with injuries and anatomical variations. She has also taught me how to keep a keen eye on all my students to prevent yoga injuries through unsafe asana practice. Thanks Michelle! ~Kerill Ezzy [/quote] [quote]I found the overall training to be very informative and useful. I especially liked the anatomy classes, Michelle was easy to understand and I felt that I could absorb the information. I really enjoyed this workshop. Thanks for organizing this! And a big thank you for the excellent workshop. ~ Anonymous