2019.06.05 | Holiday Special 假期特约活动系列 | Rasa Malaysia


School holidays and Hari Raya are coming soon! Do you have any holiday plans? Instead of staying at home and playing games online, it is better to come to the iSpirit Asia Rasa to participate in activities that are beneficial to your body and mind! On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, we arranged a series of activities for everyone, and we welcome adults and children to participate. The event will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese.


学校假期及开斋节即将来临!大家有什么假期计划吗?与其宅在家无聊上网打游戏,不如来叻思爱心馆参加对身心有益的活动吧!2019年6月5日星期三,我们为大家安排了一系列活动,欢迎成人及小孩们来参加。This event will be conducted in Chinese Mandarin 本次活动将以中文华语进行

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2019.01.06 | 108 Sun Salutation in Malaysia | by Yogavatar® Certified Jo’liv & Felice

Namaste yogis! Let’s usher in your new year with 108 Sun Salutations in Malaysia. Join this special yoga session with Yogavatar® Certified teachers Jo’liv and Felice. This will be a fun and challenging yet energetic experience, the 108 sets of Sun Salutations will be a combination of Sun Salutations A and B and it’s is easy to follow and suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners, however self-practice is highly recommended if possible. Continue reading “2019.01.06 | 108 Sun Salutation in Malaysia | by Yogavatar® Certified Jo’liv & Felice”