The TTC I attended was simply amazing, thanks to the two primary instructors, Iryne and R2 who were extremely nurturing, supportive and inspiring throughout the entire duration. Getting up in mornings was definitely a challenge but in return, I felt enhanced strength, renewed confidence and flatter abs after the training! The curriculum and text book were meticulously designed, spanning traditional yoga right through to new age yoga, which involved a skill in creative sequencing. It catered to new yoginis like me and allowed me to deepen my practice and enabled the magic of yoga to continue after the course, not forgetting the encouragement from my fellow yogini classmates! ~Love, ERIN (Malaysia)
Dearest R2 & iRyne, thank you so much for everything in this past 4 weeks. Amazing journey! I am grateful and thankful to both of you, initiated this move with courage & dreams. Both of you did so well & informative, this is my best training ever. In this course, I learnt so much from all the trainers, especially both of you. In knowledge wise, philosophy wise & technical wise, all covered. Beside that, inwardly in my character changed and personal growth, I benefited a lot too. I think because of how 4 of you, the trainers constantly encourage and inspired us to try our best, the encouragements and assurances mean a lot to me as a newbie in yoga. You also traveled the extra miles, beside the teachers and students relationship, we felt sincere love from all 4 of you. This important element had helped us to love the rest of the people in the class despite the differences. In this period of time, I don’t only learn to teach I also learnt to love myself and other people better. I will never forget this in the module, “where there is existence of iSpirit there is love”. I think this is much more meaningful than many things else in the world. Personally, yoga and I was never a friend, first encounter was in 2006 and that’s all. Until 2014 first class with R2, is un-intentionally and blindly enter her class, this is only yoga and I begin our journey. Finally yoga and I are united, thanks a lot to both of you for this beautiful journey. Continue make the world of 2 of you a better place. Keep up the good work, look forward to see more from both of your facebook. Will always pray for both of you cheer! ~ Love, JOANNE LIM (Malaysia)

Dearest iRyne Yogavatar & R2, I am grateful to be part of this Yogavatar 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. “Ahta” (now), I made it here on the last day of training. This course had deepen my knowledge on yoga. Throughout all the practices, I did become more equipped with the yoga postures and skills. I truly believe this wil not be the end of my yoga journey and yet is another step closer to my dream. I would like to take this opportunity to send my greatest love and appreciation to both my awesome & loving teachers. I wish you both knew that how amazing it was to see all the beautiful photos taken by both and posted in FB. The extra initiatives taken by both of you did empower me and kept me strong throughout the course. Keep up the passion & I sincerely hope this program will continue to be a success in the future by inspiring more people to love, learn and never forget to share it on and on. Thank you very much for your patience and guidance. ~ Namaste, YOGAVATAR LI PING (Malaysia)

A BIG THANK YOU to our Guruji iRyne and R2. Thank you for sharing with us your yoga knowledge to us. Very appreciate. To me, having attending the TTC with Yogavatar New Age Yoga School is a very good experience after leaving my academy school for decades… The feeling of being a student brings back good memories of my life. Apart from this, I am walking with my spine straight and proud as being part of you. Thanks to you for your kind hearted sharing all the knowledge of yoga unselfishly. With this TTC, I am feeling wonderfully great as it adds colour to my page of life. Thank you. ~ With love: GEE THIEN (Malaysia)

Dear iRyne & R2, first of all, congrats to both of you for organizing the first Yoga TTC with a short period of preparation time. I appreciate for all the arrangement on timetables, photo shooting, and technique teaching to make us feel comfortable as possible within a month time. The modules workbook is very comprehensive and useful to enhance our knowledge in teaching. Thanks for everything and see you again in your studio next time. Proud to be a member of Yogavatar! ~ Best regads, SHERYL (Malaysia)

Hey iRyne & R2. Wow… 4 weeks have gone by really fast and I have enjoyed every single part of it. Thank you for taking both of your time and effort to make this course successful. We know it’s hard, because just to create one yoga sequence is tough enough for me…. “claps” to both of you. I’ve leant a lot from both of you and you have inspired me to teach and share as well. PS never thought of being a teacher >.<Thanks again! ~ Love, ERJUN (Malaysia)

To dearest iRyne & R2, you’re the “Heart” and “Soul” of the team. I sincerely appreciate and thank you for your friendship, guidance, commitment and innovation. It takes great sacrifice and character to achieve such great progress each day in the class. You are an amazing persons true an inspiration, with most sincere gratitude for all you have done so much, so much more than words could ever express. It makes what is an excellent in others belong to us as well. YOU ARE THE BEST ~ Love, SHARON ONG (Malaysia)

Dear iRyne & R2, thank you so much for all your selfless sharing. It has been a killer (read ‘gila’) 4 weeks but I enjoyed (and feared) every minutes of it. Will cherish the memories!! And thank you for having faith in me. Continue sharing the love and blessings. ~FLORENCE (Malaysia)

Teacher iRyne & Rtwo. The most sincere and heart-felt “Thank You” to the teachers who provided we all with support, guidance and precious life lessons. Your students will always keep you in their hearts! ~ FERN (Malaysia)

Thank you iRyne & R2 for your energy and all the giving & sharing during these for weeks. It was very good experience for me. Like I say “one month of learning but a lifetime of practice”. ~ Namaste always, ELIZABETH (Malaysia)

iRyne & R2. Very grateful to both of you for introducing the 200 hour Yogavatar New Age Yoga Training. I have learned a new different journey, overcome all barriers, path and aims towards my yoga practice. Will cherished these moments filled with peace & love. Thank your very much for being such a wonderful mentors. Both of you are awesome. ~ Love, FIONA & DIANA LAI (Malaysia)

Hey R2 & iRyne. Thanks for the great learning experience. Was really tiring but all worth it. Had lots of fun and definitely learned a lot.To my surprise, I really like “Oh-Ming” now, so calming and relaxing. Om…. Thanks for the tips and all the awesome classes… Stay Awesome you both and thanks heaps. ~ xoxo ANNY SEE (Malaysia)

To my miss Tho & iRyne, this will be my new chapter of life. Thank you for bringing me in YOGA LIFE! This will benefits in the rest of my life. Thank you very much! ~ with love, LIT YANG 林立扬 (Malaysia)

Dear iRyne & R2. Both of you are very nice and great organization. I love both of you so much! I learn a lot from you. Both of you are my idols. Thanks for everything! The appreciation can’t describe by word. I am blessing to be the first batch student by your arrangement “organization”. Wish you happy always… Healthy always… A lot of good things come to you. ~ SHAN (Malaysia)

Dear iRyne & R2. Thank you for teaching and taking care of us “smart students” all this while :) Your love is much appreciated. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ! Wish you happy always!! ~ AIDEN (Malaysia)

Thank you! 对不起,请原谅我。前往内心。谢谢你,我爱你。You and me, me and you are the same. ~ Peace, happy, love: IRENE YU (Malaysia)

iRyne & R2: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I (we) learn. ~ CHERRY & JX (Malaysia)

Love. Learn. Share. Thank you iRyne & R2 ~ Love, LIPING (Malaysia)

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