Yogavatar 001: ANNY SEE HUI FANG

ANNY SEE HUI FANG (Yogavatar ID# 1512-001) has successfully completed YOGAVATAR 200-HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING from 23 November to 19 December 2015 in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA. In accordance with the standards of YOGA ALLIANCE. Certified on 19 December 2015. Find out more at

ANNY SEE HUI FANG (Yogavatar ID# 1512-001)


The second child of a family of six, Anny See was born and raised in Klang, Malaysia. Growing up in a relatively privileged family, she was allowed to explore and grow her talents from a young age. She obtained her primary and secondary education in Malaysia before acquiring a Bachelor of Actuarial Science in the University of Melbourne.

When she graduated, Anny assumed that the piece of paper she obtained was a great start and her key to a successful and happy life. However, she was proven wrong when she joined the workforce. She also faced many other obstacles and challenges in life which she never expected when she returned to Malaysia. Unhappy with her situation, she sought to find a solution to her frustration. Anny came to discover yoga through friends’ recommendations and personal research on the internet. The information that she obtained captured her interest and inspired her to give yoga a try.

Anny’s first acquaintance with yoga was at a studio in Klang in 2011. Despite the fact that it was pretty challenging for her initially as she was a sedentary person back then, the sense of fun and accomplishment of each practice kept her going back for more. What then started off as a once a week class quickly developed into two, three and four times practice a week. She went for different classes such as hatha and yin yoga that combine a series of basic movements with breathing, power yoga which is a faster, higher intensity practice that builds muscle, vinyasa and others. Yoga poses stretch your muscles and increase range of motion and it takes a lot of strength to hold your body in a balanced pose. With regular practice, she felt the difference in her body over time. Endurance, strength and flexibility improved. Even her digestive system got back on track when coupled with a healthier diet. Yoga improves the mind as well as the body by training us to focus through breathing and meditation. It is definitely not a magic bullet that can cure everything but it helps in bringing about a sense of calm and connectivity to your inner self, which is indeed a very helpful tool for learning to deal with whatever life throws at us.

By regularly coming to your mat, we can learn a lot about others and ourselves thus contributing to greater awareness, compassion and patience. After realizing all these benefits, she chose to deepen her knowledge more by enrolling in her very first Teacher Training course with Yogavatar and received a 200-hour Yoga Teacher certificate in December 2015.

Now equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of yoga, Anny seeks to share yoga as a means of achieving better mental and physical health. Yoga is a lifetime journey for her and there is always still so much more for her to learn and explore. She also hopes yoga can be healing for others because it was for her.


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