2020.08.30 | Yoga Anatomy of Pregnancy | Online Workshop with Michelle Lam

Do you know there are many things that you can help a pregnant mother to prepare for her delivery? The whole process can be a lot smoother and labor could be more pleasant by simply preparing the mother’s body properly. A lot of complications can be avoided totally. What to learn more? Join this groundbreaking 5 hours online course with renowned Physiotherapist and Yoga Anatomy Trainer Michelle Lam, you will explore the physiology of pregnancy and more.

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2020.06.13 | Yoga For Boosting Immunity | Online Workshop with Dr Kuga

Boost Your Immune System: The Yogic Approach

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, you’re practicing social distancing, you’ve become a model for good hand hygiene, but are you doing anything to boost your immunity? Join us for 4-hours Online Workshop with Dr. Kuga. You’ll get an overview of the immune system and how it works, learn practical methods for reducing your risk of illness by practicing yoga.


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2020.05.23 | Yoga For Scoliosis Online Workshop

Yoga For Scoliosis Online Workshop exploring the cause of Scoliosis, its characteristics, myths and facts under the light of Yoga Anatomy. Brought to you by Physiotherapist & Yoga Anatomy teacher Michelle Lam, and the founders of Yogavatar® iRyne and R2. We are offering participants a comprehensive learning experience by morning and evening yoga practice, specially tailored made for Scoliosis clients, together with detailed Yoga Anatomy explanation in the afternoon. With the comfort at home, you get to receive all this information via ZOOM online live meeting at an affordable price. Sign up now before it is too late!

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