11~14 January 2018 @Malaysia: Yoga Anatomy Workshop- Happy Therapeutic Series with Michelle Lam

Happy Therapeutic Yoga Anatomy Workshop Michelle Lam

Welcome to this brand new Happy Therapeutic Series! Consisting of 4 commonly seen conditions: Scoliosis, Flat Feet and other common foot problems, Frozen Shoulder, Poor posture (Kyphosis lordosis, Sway back, Flat back). Join us for 4 days workshop on 11 to 14 January 2018 at iSpirit Asia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Brought to you by registered physiotherapist and Yoga Anatomy teacher Michelle Lam. This brand new series focus on how Yoga poses can help to reduce their severity and what precautions or modifications need to be made for specific asanas. Participants will also understand why certain Yoga poses will be more difficult to do for specific conditions.


2&3 December 2017 @Malaysia: Yoga Wheel 15hrs TTC with Darren Chen

Yoga Wheel TTC Darren Chen

Looking for new ways to expand and deepen your practice? The Yoga Wheel is the perfect new option to help you navigate your yoga journey. Join Yoga Wheel 15-h0ur TTC with Darren Chen on 2 & 3 December 2017 at iSpirit Asia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This specialised training combines the use of a yoga wheel with traditional asanas. The yoga wheel is an effective tool designed to open up areas that are typically tight due to modern-day living – it expands the chest and shoulders, stretches the hip flexors, and rejuvenates the spine.


27 Nov~ 22 Dec 2017 @Malaysia: Yogavatar 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (4 weeks Full-time Course)

A yogavatar TTC2017-18

BECOME A CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER. It's your turn to OM the world. Yogavatar 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a foundational yoga teacher training based upon the deep roots of Hatha Yoga. Whether you intend to simply deepen your understanding of this ancient and diverse practice or you aspire to teach and share with others, the training course will prepare you for your journey.


23~28 August 2017 @Malaysia: 身心靈~全方位的療癒與轉化: 50小時國際正念陰瑜伽師資培訓課程(初級) By Chris Su

Chris Su 老师将于2017年8月22至27日,在马来西亚吉隆坡 ISPIRIT ASIA,为您带来50小時的師資培訓課程。此课程主要是希望成为導師的朋友們,或是為希望了解自己,開始個人身心轉化及靈修的朋友們所設計的。正念陰瑜伽師資培訓練習将引導我們找到適合的訓練,同時,採用具功能性的教導及練習方法。只有這樣,練習者才可以找到個人合适的方法。这个培訓课程能成为你当陰導師的一塊基石,更能让您透過正念陰瑜伽練習与冥想去多瞭解自己,學習如何當一個能真心分享、因材施教的好導師。


7~9 July 2017 @Malaysia: Universal Yoga 22-Hour Immersion With Will Lau


Join Universal Yoga 22-Hour Immersion With Will Lau on 9,10,11 February 2017 at iSpirit Asia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Universal Yoga is the most complete yoga practice system that is available to the contemporary yoga world through the intelligent work of yoga Master Andrey Lappa. This 22-hr workshop will consist of universal yoga practice, theorem lectures and yoga sutra studies. The workshops are suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner, modifications will be offered for a variety of levels.


24~27 Feb 2017 @Malaysia: Yoga Anatomy Workshop HAPPY ASANA SERIES With Michelle Lam

Happy Asana Yoga Anatomy Michelle

The Happy Asana Series is the brand new Happy Yoga Anatomy workshop focusing on 4 types of asana commonly encountering difficulties in mastering; namely Twist, Inversion, Back Bends and Balancing Poses. Brought to you by registered physiotherapist and Yoga Anatomy teacher Michelle Lam, we shall investigate into each types of asana from the anatomical point of view. You will feel closely what correctly performed poses do for the body with each of the asana types we cover each day. The ways of going into the poses safely and efficiently will be introduced. Common injuries experienced in each types of asana will also be covered and modifications discussed.


Harmony Taiji Beginner Course 和谐太极初级课程 @Malaysia马来西亚

Harmony Taiji Beginner Course v1

和谐太极初级课程,将于十一月份于iSpirit开课,为期六个星期。陈氏和谐太极十三式 ,是由陈氏太极拳嫡宗第十二代传人-陈炳老师所创编。陈炳老师在其家传拳法-陈氏太极拳老架一路的基础上,经过多年教学经验,顺应现代社会需求,创编了这套简单,易学,科学的入门课程套路,为学员在日后学习陈氏太极拳打好基础。 Join us for Harmony Taiji 6 Weeks Beginner Course in November at iSpirit Asia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. CHEN TAIJI HARMONY 13 FORM was created by Master Chen Bing-12 Generations direct decedent of Chen Family Taiji Quan. Accumulating years of teaching experience, Master Chen Bing createsCHEN TAIJI HARMONY 13 FORM base on traditional Chen Family Taiji Quan Lao Jia Yilu (old frame 1st route) to suites modern society as a foundation to entering door way of Traditional Chen Taiji Quan. This course is suitable for everybody.


10-11 December 2016 @ Malaysia: Yoga Stick & Back Roller Therapy Teacher Training With Josephine Chan

Yoga Stick & Back Roller Therapy 20 Hour Teacher Training With Josephine Chan

Be a certified Yoga Stick & Back Roller Therapy Teacher. Join us for 20-hour Yoga Stick & Back Roller Therapy Teacher Training With Josephine Chan on 10 & 11 December 2016 at iSpirit Asia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This training aims at developing basic skills for yoga instructors & therapists of all styles focusing primarily on safety and effectively using Yoga Stick and Back Roller.


1,2,3 April 2016 @Malaysia: Falling In Love With Forrest Yoga by Sin Hee (Forrest Yoga Guardian)

Forrest Yoga Sin Hee @Malaysia 2016

Take action to the next step for leaps and bound of practice with Sin Hee, Forrest Yoga Guardian. Based on Sin Hee’ many years of Forrest Yoga teaching experience, you will learn to go deeper and stronger in practice using breath. Her specialties include an amazing knowledge of finding habitual tensions in the body and learning to open up those areas with breath and explore deeper in a pose. Forrest Yoga teaches you to feel sensations in the body in a pose and working on freeing up pain, physical and chronic discomfort. This gives tremendous amount of freedom and teaches us the choice is how we practice and how we live our life! Experience FALLING IN LOVE WITH PRACTICE all over again by choosing to free up from old patterns.


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training With YOGAVATAR in Malaysia 2015

YOGAVATAR Teacher Training: Share

Become a certified Yoga Teacher! YOGAVATAR 200-Hour Teacher Training Course is a foundational yoga teacher training based upon the deep roots of Hatha Yoga. The course is a 4 weeks full-time training programme and it will help the practitioner develop a mature practice, focusing not only on the physical aspects of yoga but the psychological and spiritual benefits as well.